2023 – A Year In Review

2023 – A year in review

At the start of 2024, we have been looking back at some of our highlights from 2023. Below several of our staff share their favourite screenings from last year. First up, our Cinema Manager, Gary:

“The highlight screening for me was Back To The Future at the start of 2023 where we launched our new strand “Back at the Cottage” attracting new moviegoers and further diversifying our programme.”  – Gary

“The highlight of the year for me was the screening of ‘I Know Where I’m Going’ as a part of the cinema’s Powell and Pressburger season, as it not only became an unexpected new favourite of mine, but was also introduced by a brilliant poet, transforming a trip to the cinema into a night to remember!” – Fred

“My favourite screening was our Disney 100 showing of Toy Story as I came with my 3 year old son for his first ever cinema trip! He didn’t think much of the film – his overriding memories were of Scud and how dark the auditorium was.” – Nathan

“Though Ferris Bueller was certainly my favourite film of the year, the Barbie screening on the cinema’s 111th birthday was my most memorable. To mark the occasion I asked the audience to sing Happy Birthday to the cinema. Everyone joined in and it was a very moving experience:” – Steve

“My favourite screening was the preview of Poor Things at LIFF 2023. Opening to a sold out auditorium, it was a palpably ecstatic atmosphere, the teeming excitement of the crowd making an already memorable evening of Lanthimos’ absurdity even more enjoyable.” – Alfie

“My favourite screening was Die Hard as part of #BackAtTheCottage. Seeing the Nakatomi Plaza on the big screen and the catchphrases that still resonate after all these years. Welcome to the party, Les Rowley!” – Les

“It has to be the opening film of our Back at the Cottage screenings, ‘Back to the Future’. There was an incredible atmosphere as the audience cheered and booed away. Seeing these modern classics on the big screen with hundreds of others is truly a special experience. Especially being greeted by Steve dressed as Marty McFly.” – Tom

How many of the above shows were you at? What ranked as your favourite screening of the year with us? Please share your own memories via social media or when you next see us at the cinema.